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The artist and the poet in me are always in restless juxtaposition. It is my Ying and Yang.  I can’t imagine a world without photography - capturing a unique moment in time that will never be repeated. I try to bring my poems to life through my photos.

Sometimes even after all that planning I have had to walk away with nothing because the magic just doesn’t happen but other times Mother Nature smiles on me and the most magnificent scene reveals itself. 

I’m never sure exactly what I will come home with. And this is what excites me so much about poetry- photography. I love the rare moments when there is magic and it’s these magic moments and the unpredictability of the whole experience that I find the most inspiring. 

The greatest reward is when a viewer connects with an image emotionally: when they say they wish they had been there to experience what they see and feel when they view my photographs. The peace, excitement, solitude, and awe-inspiring visual feast is the natural world. 

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